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Introducing a new dog to our two-dog family

Our family was recently confronted with the challenge of integrating a new dog into our home. Our current dogs are both mature (8 yrs) large males (90 lbs), and the new dog is a year old male and also large (90 lbs). We were all experiencing a great deal of anxiety about what might possibly happen when they were all forced into a new living dynamic. Fortunately we were able to consult with Cathy before the big introduction. She was unacquainted with our dogs, but her intuition and advice were invaluable. She gave us some distinct guidelines to follow as we brought them together, and for the time that followed. Everything has turned out really well and is getting better still day by day. We are extremely grateful for Cathy’s guidance and would look to her for future training and highly recommend her to anyone for their training needs. ~ The Ziff Family

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