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Heather Smith, CA

Catherine is absolutely fantastic!
We adopted a high-energy, strong-willed dog that needed training. Catherine is very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors. She is calm and patient with our dog and us. She always asked if we had questions and made sure that we were confident in what she was teaching us.
We took group classes and Catherine also did in-home training. This was especially helpful because many of the behaviors we were trying to correct occurred at home. The level of training Catherine provides is impressive. We learned so much from our sessions and feel like better pet owners due to Catherine’s guidance.
I appreciate that she checks in periodically with us to see how we are all doing and answers any questions we have.

Pat Johnsen, WA

I so enjoyed taking Axel to the doggy training class with Cathy! He is very skittish and after the first time, he was excited to go. She was very patient with him and we both learned a lot!!
Thank you Cathy for your great class!

Jane Alexander, WA

Cathy's a fun, personable & knowledgeable trainer. She engaged us both with positive methods. Her training schedule was flexible and fit our needs. As a new puppy owner, she provided solid feedback on our puppy handling and socializing during the initial puppy introduction to our home.
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