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Catherine Challand, APDT, ABCDT

Founder and Trainer

My name is Cathy Challand and I am the founder of CMC Dog Trainer.  I have been training dogs professionally for over 6 years, in North Carolina, California and now on Whidbey Island. I am a passionate, professional dog trainer with a very simple philosophy: Teaching your pet should be positive, force-free and fun. My goal is to help your dog become a happy, polite and fun member of your family. Your dog is never too old, nor too set in its ways to learn (and neither are us humans!).

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know and love that each dog is different, and I’ll work with yours to help him/her learn effectively. Whether you are thinking about getting a puppy, have a new adult dog, or already own a dog with behavioral concerns, I am here to help.

My training programs deliver fast and solid results. My methodology motivates your dog to choose to perform the behaviors you ask for, and love being successful at them.

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